Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Grass Flour

I wanted a pizza, so I gathered the ingredients and after realizing I had no flour to make the dough, I considered my options. I was too tired to go to the store, and if I went out it would be easier to simply stop at a restaurant.Using past experiences as a guide I checked my back yard window, just to see what was out there. Sure enough the grass was very long and was starting to generate seeds, I hadn't been home in months, fortunately. I grabbed several hundred stalks of grass and shook them violently over a collecting cylinder. Nearly a million seeds detached and willingly fell into the container. I had acquired my raw material!Since the seeds were still too fresh I laid them out in a uniform pattern on a flat service and baked them in an oven, set to 275 degrees F, for 8 hours. It worked! The house was filled with the aroma of freshly baked grass seed, similar to that of oats. Once they were finished cooling they made there way down into my hand driven mill machine and were disintegrated into a light brown powder visually indistinguishable from that of whole wheat. I've yet to incorporate this ingredient into my dough. The entire process took too long and I'm unsure if it is toxic.

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Eva said...

I love that your whole reason for making your own flour is that you didn't feel like going through all the work of going to the store! :)