Monday, December 29, 2008

Atomic Time Receiver Circuit - Break Out Module

This is the CMMR - 6P - 60 receiver module. With minimal external hookups like power, and ground, and that's about it... this module forms a complete system for acquiring and digitizing the 60khz atomic clock radio broadcast from Colorado. By connecting its single digital output into a microcontroller and orienting the ferrite core antenna in the direction of the transmitter, the user can immediately take advantage of ultra precise official world time. Assuming you also know your exact location, the timing information retrieved could even be compensated for the fact that light travel is not instantaneous. The information contained within the signal encodes, either directly or indirectly, hours, minutes, seconds, month, day, and year. As well as, daylight savings time mode, leap year, and leap second. The time specified is in GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) Since the decoding of the timing pulses and time formatting may be difficult for those with limited experience, we offer a small module to supplement the features lacking within the CMMR and automatically handles resynchronization, error correction (since nearby electronics easily overcast the Colorado radio station), and power saving. Our module is microprocessor controlled and can easily interface with new and existing designs through a three wire interface. Unlike the CMMR by itself, the microcontroller controlled module assembly automatically decodes day of year into week, month, and day of week, eliminating the user's need to calculate this or use a lookup table. The picture to the right represents a simple clock based around the module. Upon power up, the system immediatelyy synchronizes the clock and periodically rechecks to prevent the possible drift of precision, since the US atomic clock is many orders of magnitude more precise than a typical quartz crystal.

Received Atomic Time from Colorado, United States version

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